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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

How To Earn extra Money everyday with Okik PTC

Hello everyone! Do You love making Money online? This is a greet Business for you! Join with Okik.Me is the best!

Here You can tried and learn how to use for this play in ptc bsinees! 
In maximizing the profit of course a member requires Referrals mindless and my experience in a PTC be more of 2 years active without any referral results in just a dozen dollars (haha pretty tenacious right? 2 years lhoo maen imagine yourself ampe curly finger cave) 

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1. Click the ad runs that are available every day 
(if possible after the reset time server) To obtain a profit of RRs you have to actively click every day and try on the clock reset if it could be because the clock tesebut sometimes slightly be maoy lot of ads that are available though ill always tp cinch for those of you who are super busy a time to click on the clock BRP was preformance time-24 hours in order to profit from RR morbidly charred 

2. Continue to rent Grid Once the ad is clicked all if there is a move on the grid ad click in case you are lucky, you are lucky if you can get extra revenue from ads that grid. 

In Okik value of clicks I found an ad dlm grid ranging from $ 0050 up to $ 5 (including high-krn in some other PTC ad clicks only give a maximum of $ 0.1 grid) For advertising this grid is usually all PTC provides maximum limit that the grid ad is clicked each day depending on the type of membership the member.
If the maximum Okik ad that was clicked For members: Standard: 5 Ads Golden: 10 Ads Okik: 15 Ads Okik +: 20 Ads 

3. Try renting a maximum of 100 RR (first rental) For the first time rental don't more than RR 100 RR because we've tried except SDH many who proved that the performance of RR in a PTC fairly good although it was not a guarantee 

4. Keep track of your daily activities RR So you should monitor your profits RR every day, who actively extended and that lazy direcycle or let the dead (expired). If you see your RR actively every hr for 10 daya first trigger continues its activities extend noticed every hr if the validity period of stay of 1 to a maximum of 7 new hr you renew krn active RR sometimes up to 2 weeks suddenly ga No activity to death.
Then RR paddling active untuk maximum of 7 hr direcycle aja or if the validity period expired 10 saya let down 

5. Upgrade Perform upgrade if there are funds and do not upgrade if you are enough funds only for an upgrade just because ill will profit if you upgrade without any exception RR pd investment sites that impersonate PTC 

6. Do the task, offer etc. If you feel up and no time-out This special sorry that I can not tell more because I am morbidly have experience in this area (knowingly cave ga champion English) 

7. Find the DR as possible In search of DR average player PTC (including myself) many complaints krn is really hard to be able to reply DR can rarely be active even sometimes stopped discharged join join and then leave forever 

Actually though cut no guarantee of the most effective active search for DR is advertise in several other PTC sites but of course needed funds. That's why sometimes a member lbh choose to use the funds For rent RR drpd advertise on PTC 

8. If possible do upgrade, and renew the lease RR RR and DR purchase (if you dare) during the last promo of admin Sometimes Admin deals and various promo or discount using the moment as possible 

9. Do not be tempted by the many RR Basically, the more RR the more the profit that we get, but don't too wrong, set your account as possible including RR jgn trigger Lust For multiply RR because the more RR greater the costs required and the higher the AVG that must be maintained. 

So before adding new RR might consider as mature as you decided to add RR. More look at the table below! Profit per month pd following table is a net profit of RR intention was cut rental costs but does not include the cost of upgrading. 

So consider the best way well before deciding, watching and comparing the following table: 

Remember: RRs that a lot is not necessarily income lbh many of the RRs mouth slightly Note the table above !!! We just take the example 4 members okik plus let be  clear, call members A, B, C and D are the same as the fourth member OkikPlus 

Member A with 1000 RRs 
Member B with 750 RRs 
Member C with 500 RRs 
Members D with 250 RRs 

If the four members of the same as having the same AVG RRs at number 3, the result is: D profit of $ 7.50 per month 

C. profit of $ 5.00 per month 
B. profit of $ 0.00 per month it'a mean morbidly profit 
A. In fact no stump but precisely profit / loss 

From the above examples D members who only have 250 RRs had income precisely at most of the other distinguished Members D whereas at least have the troops Unless Member A RRs able to organize and maintain AVGnya in figure 4.5, the SDH certainly his most RRs and most also profit 

So, the conclusion : 
* Set your account as possible and consider before making a purchase (Upgrade, lease RR etc.) 

* Maximize Your Profit by specifying the number of RRs in accordance with your ability to regulate lunge alias you RRs AVG The more the higher the RR AVG caused who maintained the higher the cost lease !

Lets sign up now!

Welcomes profit may be useful !

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